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osc_get_version failing


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I have successfully installed osc 2.3.3 on my own webserver, but when I tried to install it (from scratch) on my live serice-provider host, running the install.php function, I get the usual "new Installation" screen with all of the pre-requisites ticked green, but the osc version number is missing


i.e. the top line of the page body says:

Welcome to osCommerce Online Merchant v!


Delving into the code, I discover that the function osc_get_version (in functions/general.php) obtains the version from the file referenced as



But the 'file' function that retrieves the content of this file returns nothing.


and using the realpath function on this relative filename returns blank (or a space - not sure which)


(By the way, I starting researching this because of two things:

a. the install process does not proceed beyond step 3

b. neither the catalog nor the admin show anything but a blank screen)


As I said, without changing anything, a working system on my own webserver turns into a failed system on a different host. There are differences, of course, but I am wondering whether it is a difference in php version (my own installation is at version 5.2.0, while the host server is at version 5.3.3). The other difference I have noted is that there is no doc_root defined for the live host installation - is this right?


Any pointers to a resolution would be most appreciated,



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OK - I have completely cleared out the website, reinstalled everything and gone through the install procedure again.


...and it all seems to work now.


What is difficult to explain is that the configure.php files are identical to what they were before (when the site was not working).

Never mind.


(What's French for c'est la vie?)

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