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Order Number


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I have just installed 2.3.3 and am currently adding a few addons.


One thing I can't find anywhere (been looking for days) is how to get a number on the orders page when someone places an order. I have seen one addon which is date and time driven I just want sequential numbering. ie Orders 1 then next order show order 2 and so on.


Hope this makes sense and someone can advise.


Many thanks



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the snippet of code can be added lots of places besides the invoice as this thread talks about.






No need for an addon. oscommerce already numbers your orders sequentially starting at 1. For some reason the stock store fails to display this in what I feel are important places.


Want the next order number to start higher?

New orders that are made with new osCommerce installations start with the ID of 1.
This value can be reset so that new orders are assigned an ID from a specific starting range, for example from 1000.
The following SQL query needs to be executed with MySQL:
alter table orders auto_increment= 1000;
The above query will assign an ID of 1000 to the next order made.
The ID can be set to any number, however as the orders_id field in the database is of type signed integer, the ID must exist in the following range:

-2147483648 to 2147483647

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