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Bug Appeared in Orders_Total and Order Total Module


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About two months ago, I checked my Customer-Orders page as I always do to print out new invoices/order. The page was blank - thousands of orders and the Admin Customer-Orders page was blank. Grabbing some recent orders from my e-mails, I found I could go into the customer's account and access the order. Using my order-editor contrib, I could edit the invoice and have it manually total up the sub-total, shipping, etc. Then it would appear on the Admin Custom-Orders page.


After editing several of my latest orders so that they would show up on the page, I contacted Host Gator to see if I had been hacked. What had happened is that the "orders_total" table had been wiped. Nothing else was affected and Host Gator confirmed for me that no unusual connections had been attempted over the time frame involved. I have followed and implemented the standard security with htaccess, etc. The store has been running for 5+ years and has even switched providers over that time.


Anyway, I've run like that for the last couple of months, with everything seemingly back to normal. However, I recently discovered that the Paypal fee was missing from my invoices. It just stopped on its own - no reason. Accessing the Admin's Modules - Orders Total screen, I attempted to reset the Paypal module. No matter how hard I tried, I could not change it's sort order and make it re-appear on the invoices/shopping carts. Worse, I tried changing the Fee % and it reset to 1. No matter what I did, I couldn't change it back.


Finally, I accessed the database directly through phpadmin and manually edited the sort orders and Paypal fee percentage in the database. Everything is back to normal now, but it all seems related with the above and I'm just assuming that the Admin interface for Modules-Order Total is screwed.


The only modification/contrib that I've made to oscommerce in the last year (after the typical annual - January USPS Methods screwup last year) was the tiny "Comments On Invoice" contrib.


Anyone hear of this or have a guess as to what's happening?


I'm going to start on a separate install of 2.3 as a backup to my live 2.2, because this has got me spooked.

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