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payment processing suggestions


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I've had an online shop for a year or so but havent had time to really promote it. I'm now interested in promoting it to grow it into a part time thing instead of just a hobby. Mainly I sell flags and pins but my payment processing has been a problem as I am unable to use paypal since they think flags from WWII (a large part of my sales) are "offensive". I signed with merchantone but they have a million fees (this month I've got $150 in fees on $125 in sales!) and nowhere on their payment site to see what it's for (this month included a mysterious $99 fee)


Anyway ... I was hoping some folks might share any suggestions they might have for other payment processing options that aren't as "sneaky" as what I'm currently using or as picky as paypal.

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2CO and authorize.net don't have any restrictions, as far as I know. There's a big difference in cost between the two though. You may also want to look at amazon and google for their rules. You eally need to decide on what you want to pay first. If cost is not an issue, then go with authoize.net. If it is, then you have to contact the others and see if they will accept your line of products. Also see the "waht does it cost" link in my signature. It may provide more details.

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Sorry - no direct experience of any of these as I'm in the UK but the so called 'up and coming' processors would seem to be






The first two seem to have only commercial (pay for) add-ons available but WePay has one here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8408 that looks easy enough to install



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With payment processors what suits one person may not suit another. Its down to personal preference, and finding the one that offers what you want at a price you want to pay. Go search, thats what search engines are for.


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