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Can't get to admin-just a blank page


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Hi all,


I don't know what I've done or if it's my fault or not but I can't access the admin page anymore.


We had some php injections and I started to add some security add ons. Yesterday I could get to the admin page without trouble. It's protected by htaccess.


Today, I tried to go to the admin page to chack some settings and got the htaccess password prompt, I entered the user/password combo, but then nothing loads for the admin page. It's just blank.


What I did yesterday was to try to install the osc_Sec add on. I did that, modifying catalog>iuncludes>application_top.php, admin>includes>application_top.php and admin>login.php. NOTE: my admin folder is not labeled "admin" I'm just using that as an example.


I tried to load the store in the browser and got some error (sorry, I don't remember what error) so I commented out all the changes I'd made in those files and reuploaded. The store loads fine, but I can't get to the admin.


Could what I did have caused this? If not, where can I look or what can I do to get the admin page back to normal?



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A white page like that is usually caused by uploading a file that belongs in the root to the languages directory but it doesn't sound like you did that. If not, then in your admin/includes/application_top.php file, find the line that starts with error_reporting (close to the top) and replace it with


Then refresh your login page. That will probably shwo a lot of warnings but the last one, or close to it, should be the fatal error that indicates the problem.

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