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2.2rc2a to 2.3 how to update database


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Hi, I have managed to create a completely new version of my shop using the 2.3 version. I have added the products in manually through the backend as I only had 50 products but the old version of the shop (still running) had alot smaller pictures etc so i decided to update this manually.


The problem I have now is that I would like to import my customers across so that I can login with their details and have all their info but on the new version.


I had a look at posts on oscommerce where it had been mentioned that I would need to migrate the following tables:


address book





I have managed to migrate the address book but when I am trying to migrate the customers table I have noticed that the old version has 2 extra columns at the end customers_paypal_payerid and customers_paypal_ec and I am not too sure what to do.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Also because I have added the products in manually, would migrating the orders table cause problems as the product_ids will be different on the new version?


Would really appreciate if somebody could advise on how to migrate this correctly in order to make sure all is the same in terms of logging as dont want customers to reregister etc.


Thanks in advance.

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You should have integrated the entire database for best results. And, if you plan to use the PayPal module that was used on the old site, you will need to add those two fields to the table.






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You can also compare against the stock db for 2.2rc2a version and see what is osc tables or if the belong to a addon you have installed later. If you don't need the addon in the 2.3.3 version you can leave those fields out.

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I have setup an osc2.3.3 and I want to trasfer all data from the old one osc2.2 to the new one 2.3. When I import for example the customers table data to new db I get this error #1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 .

I forget to mention that data:names, andresses etc are in Greek language and I can not see via mySql platform. Is this the problem? collation is latin1_general_cs.

How to tranfer all data from osc 2.2 to the new one I just set osc 2.3.3??

please help

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