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Odd Question Is there a guide for developing addons?


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I would love to get into developing addons more than i already have, but need a user guide if there is one on the tep functions. I know where to find them, but is there a guide on how to use them in the proper syntax? Also, I've been thinking about developing an addon generator with drop downs for functions , etc.... Can this be done? Or has it been done?

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I'm not sure that an addon generator would be possible, except maybe in a restricted format. A Module generator that makes boxes would be possible and helpful, as it could bypass the limitations of the Generic Box. Anything more complex would be challenging to make general enough to be useful. Some Addons require multiple new functions / classes and modifications to the core osC code. I don't think you can build a code generator that will do that. If you can, I'm going to retire....


There is no guide to the functions. Most are obvious from the code, although it can take some experience with osCommerce to figure out how they're used. Again, ask here in the Development forum if you have specific questions. You might even get some code contributions if you present an appealing new idea.




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