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The e-commerce.

jquery database insert


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Hi hope yr well

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know we're making real progress with

the ecommerce store, now found at:

(Apologies if my ISP changes the IP while I'm not looking!)

In tweaking the calender code to remove hourly recording

I've come across some rather dense javascript which I'm

having trouble fathoming 'cos it seems to use code libraries

you may know much more about than me.

here's the code:



<td class="main" align="right"><span class="tdbLink">

<button id="add" type="submit"><?php echo IMAGE_BUTTON_INSERT; ?></button></span><script type="text/javascript">$("#add").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-plus"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink");</script>




It seems it depends on a code library jquery.js and the "#add" statement performs a database insertion

(mysql) but that's as far as I've been able to get with it.

Any chance you could explain what's going on?



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