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Inconsistent 'Continue' buttons across site


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Hi all,


I've searched the forums but unfortunately I haven't found any info that solves my problem.


Okay so, on my login.php page, the continue button displays white text, and is incorrect, as you can see here:




The code for that button is:


<div class="buttonSet">
<span class="buttonAction"><?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'triangle-1-e', tep_href_link(FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT, '', 'SSL')); ?></span>


Now, for another page (the create account page, for example - create_account.php) displays the continue button like so:




which is correct, and the code is as follows:


<div class="buttonSet">
<span class="buttonAction"><?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'person', null, 'primary'); ?></span>


Now I have checked the jquery .css stylesheet and theres no difference minimal between 'triangle-1-e' and 'person'


I'm sure that the login.php file is missing out on a css rule, but in Dreamweaver both files do not have a .css file attached to them.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I am rather stuck!


Thanks in advance!

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Those links are to images, i tried to upload them using the image icon but I guess it didn't work.


Anyway, here is the link to the button which displays incorrectly:



And here is where it displays correctly:



Any help?

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