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direct to an alternative shopping cart, after add to cart.


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Hi All.

I wonder if you can help.


We have some pages on our website, which are away from the shop, but we may talk about a product, and link to it. When the link it clicked, it opens an alternative product infor page ( product_info_pop.php) - which is a stripped down version of the normal page, which opens in bumpbox, so the customer does not loose the page they were viewing.


THis all works fine.


What i would like to acheive, is that when they add to cart from this popup, it will take them to an alternative " stripped down" version of the shopping cart - in the bumpbox window.


What i have tried so far, is:


created "shopping_cart_pop.php" which is my stripped down version.

added " FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART_POP" to filenames.php.


I have created an alternative application_top : application_top_pop.php, and this is the file i call in product_info_pop.php.


In application_top_pop.php , i have changed


if (DISPLAY_CART == 'true') {





if (DISPLAY_CART == 'true') {




but this doesnt seem to work. it still directs to the original shopping cart.


If any ones got any thoughts, it would be much apreciated.




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have you tried setting display_cart to false and see what happens then? does it load your reduced product_info page (which it sould, as add to cart normally does not change the page)?

what you described sounded right to me - no logical mistake.




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