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checkout process not redirecting to checkout success


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I am having a hard time isolating this issue.


I want the success page after someone purchases but in all the tests it only redirects you to the empty cart!


I am was thinking it is this code in checkout_process.php



// if there is nothing in the customers cart, redirect them to the shopping cart page

if ($cart->count_contents() < 1) {




but when I comment it out it is still doing it!


Can anyone clue me in?


I have OSC 2.3.3 installed with modules consolidated login with guest login and ccgv (discount and credit system).



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Assuming that you are not using a payment module that 'hijacks' the checkout process file... (if you are try testing using a different one)


If the order emails are getting sent out then the code after that in checkout process is:


// load the after_process function from the payment modules

// unregister session variables used during checkout
 tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, '', 'SSL'));
 require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'application_bottom.php');


If the cart is being emptied then I'd have thought that $payment_modules->after_process(); could be ignored - however there's not a lot after that in the code that could cause the redirect so it may be worth looking at the function after_process() in your payment module just in case


Slim chance that tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, '', 'SSL')); is guilty if FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS has been wrongly defined in filenames.php


If the emails are not getting sent then the error is above there in the code - you could try inserting exit() statements at vaious places in the file to see where it gets to.


 if ($cart->count_contents() < 1) {

Can also be found in the other checkout pages so maybe you are actually getting redirected to one of those ? You could use an add-on in Chrome or FF to watch/record the headers as they come through to see where the redirects are actually going


My money is on the payment module though



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I have been getting the emails.

It is in test mode at authorize.net.


I also thought maybe the after_process... I will look at that again.

I did check that the file name is correct in the filenames.php


I guess it is possible it is just the test mode and when I go live it will be fine.

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OK I got IT!

After watching the process I found out it was going to checkout_success.php then redirecting... SO


Turns out it was part of the Guest Checkout contribution and me neglecting to modify the checkout_success.php properly.


After I commented out the code I forgot to it works fine now.


:) thanks for the help Bob

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