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NAV bar and modifying pages content


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I am more familiar with wordpress. Its a CMS where I can add a new page to the NAV bar and edit the content dynamically.


How does this work with oscommerce?


For example


What's New - seems to post the most recent products - is this the only option to display content on this page?


Can i add a NEW page - if yes - where?


Thanks in advance.



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A lot of addons are available here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/


They require manual installation. WordPress is very easy to use, because you can just click Install, and it's magically installed. With osCommerce you have to go through, following the directions and find specified lines of code, then replace that code, or Add new code above or below the existing code.


It can be tedious, and requires you to feel comfortable making those types of changes. You also need an editor, and a way to get to the files. If you've designed websites by the code, you'll probably be fine.


I would also recommend a working knowledge of the syntax of PHP, Java, C or some other similar language.


When you mention adding more pages, it makes me think of a contribution I often like to install: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1026


After manually installing Information page unlimited will allow you to dynamically add new pages, and change the content of your front page without editing any code. Instead of the menu bar at the top, these new pages would appear in the Information Infobox, alongside Contact and Shipping policies.


Hope this is helpful.

A little knowledge of php goes a long way.

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