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Question about setting up a product


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hi all


i have been trying to setup a couple of products in my store, and have a question about product variations (attributes).


is it possible to create a product like a candle, then all candles can have an attribute like "scent" without adding every scent as an attribute to every product? this is extremely time consuming, and even if you set one candle up correctly with all the scents, if you copy the product, the attributes dont come with it.


so what this means is: if i have 8 different candles, each can come in 20 scents, well...you do the math...that is a crapload of work to set them up. is there a work-around?



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that tool looks great. i love open source stuff. i didn't have time to figure out how to login SSH to the server, run shell commands, or any of that jazz yet. i just popped in and ran some sql to update the product_attribute table in SQL. im pretty good at sql, but not so much tinkering in unix. i will definately be using this tool though (when i have time to get it installed)...thanks!!!!!

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yikes....i got into the file system on the server and started the modifications for the attribute sort order. i installed the sql script just fine...but when rolling through the instructions to modify like 15 different pages in a 20 step process....damn. i just ended up screwing up the code. good thing i had a backup of the whole site. im not used to debugging php, so the web page simply would not load...of course if you miss one squirley bracket, you just took down the damn thing.


maybe i'll try putting this on the site again someday, but this was difficult to say the least.


the child attributes was much easier to do, since they just gave you replacement files.

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