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The e-commerce.

Address format - street number after name - how to change it


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Hi guys.

I hope this is in the right place..

I have a silly problem that just drives me crazy .....

I need street number before street name - but I have it after.


long street 10

- while I need it to be:

10 long street


Shop is oscommerce modified - sadly the seller/modifier is of not much help ....

I have to add that I'm useless with any programming - so any step by step help will be hugelly appreciated.


Many thanks for your time reading this, if any extra informations are required I'll do it ASAP.



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In admin go to locations - countries and choose your country. There you can change the format for the addresses You have to try as they are only numbered there...


Or you have to change them in MySql / phpMyadmin in table address_format. If you want to customize it you may be able to add a 6. address.


Not sure if you can change the street address number this way without altering the code as there is only one field for street address. So then they must type in "Number - Name" - insted of "Name - Number"

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Already tried that - got numbers from 1 to 5 - makes no difference.

I have postcode address search installed for UK - so whatever customers types in - in the end it will display street name first :/

Post code address search shows everything in the right order - just oscommerce takes the data and displays it wrong :(

From my unexperience point of view it's written somewhere <name><surname><street_name><street_no>.... and so on - and just needs changing the right 2 ones - question is - where - if my understanding of that is ok ....

I'll have a look at the mysql thing - but that's bit I think I should not touch with my skills....


Thank you for your comments :)

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The street number don't exist in the OSC, only address where you put in street name and number.


$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$postcode $city$cr$country


If you want to break down the address then you need addon for it with changes to the address format and forms in OSC.

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