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The e-commerce.

I will be updating, but looking for comments on Admin,


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I've been running my OSC store for a bout ten years. Most of the changes was done by myself, so I did make a few errors on the way the store is set up, but have lived with them (Like I couldn't get the system to apply tax to the shipping costs as well as the products purchased)


Now because hosting companies are keen to upgrade their php software, I see it as an opportunity to start a fresh.


Obviously there are now loads of different contributions to add to the store, most of which run okay, but others take some tweaking to get them to run correctly. I've now become aware of companies offering their own admin solutions, which for the purpose of this post I will call them interfaces (please correct me if there is a correct term to use). These ‘interfaces’ seem to connect to the OSC install by linking to the database, then off you go (I think). I do appreciate the store needs to be set up in the correct way to start off with for the interface to do its job.


At present my stock counts are way off, due to the casual way I run the OSC store. The reason being the stock count goes down when customers purchase products. These products are either supplied on a drop ship basis, or supplied from my local store/warehouse. The stock in the warehouse is replaced by creating an order as a ‘customer’ of the store, thus the stock goes down further! I’ve never tried to install any sort of stock control programme (booking stock in and out).


To add icing to the cake, it would be cool to be able to run two or more stores via the same database and admin.


These are the functions I’d like to easily have through an interface....

  • Customer groups - As standard retail customers, but also need to apply separate prices for different groups such as ‘retail customers’, 'trade customers', 'trade2 customers', or any other group I need in the future.
  • Easy populate - to quickly update prices and stock from spread sheets (this is always a trial and error process to get OSC to accept new data from a spread sheet)
  • Minimum order qty - Ensures customers can only buy a certain quantity of certain products
  • Admin - Product Attributes/Options (yellow, green etc.)
  • Shipping charges are based on total products purchased, rather than separate shipping costs per supplier
  • Admin – generate an order without using the customer side of the store (perhaps as part of a stock control basis perhaps?)
  • Admin - Search Function - Admin - Product categories. - Must search all fields of product information (for example, Vendors Item Number, Our Order Code, Product description etc.). Perhaps the search could be selected to search various fields of choice.
  • Admin - Search Function - Customers. - Must search all fields of customer details (all lines of address, telephone/fax numbers etc)
  • Multiple suppliers - Can't remember if the original system is set up for multiple supplier, but needs to be an essential feature.
  • Resend customer order conformation if its been edited in admin

I appreciate there's a lot to chew on, but I'd really appreciate fellow OSC users comments on the above please. Obviously I want the store to run as smoothly as possible without creating more work for myself.


Thanks in advance for getting this far and any suggestions/comments :)



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