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HTML In my Attribute Description is causing trouble in Admin...


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Here is the shop in action:



If you look at the Attributes (Wrapping and Ribbon) -- you'll see that we have HTML code in them (so that people can click to get a pop-up of the different wraps and ribbon color).


This work fine except that in Admin it doesn't work.


Here is what I get in Admin:


Lucky Four Leaf Clover Cash Candle - Money Candle (Shamrock) - Scented or Unscented: Scented "Smells Like Money"

- See Ribbon


Which should sho the Ribbon color and wrapping color.



I am certain that it is in this code:


echo '<br><nobr><small> <i> - ' . $order->products[$i]['attributes'][$j]['option'] . ': ' . $order->products[$i]['attributes'][$j]['value'];


which, if I make it this:


echo '<br><nobr><small> <i> - ' . $order->products[$i]['attributes'][$j]['1option'] . ': ' . $order->products[$i]['attributes'][$j]['value'];


I can get rid of the attribute name, but then I don't know which is which (for lack of a better word)...


and I get this:


Lucky Star Cash Candle - Lucky Star Money Candle

- : Scented "Smells Like Money"

- : Orange

- : Gold Metallic


Is there a way to make it so that it remove the HTML or something so that I can still get the Attribute "title"?



Pete :) !

I find the fun in everything.

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echo '<br><nobr><small> <i> - ' . strip_tags($order->products[$i]['attributes'][$j]['option']) . ': ' . $order->products[$i]['attributes'][$j]['value'];

You also might consider changing things so that instead of putting the HTML into the attribute name, you generate it on the fly on the product_info page.

Always back up before making changes.

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