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checkout is adding the weight, but all as only 1 package


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I'm having a problem, and not sure if it's the shopping cart, or another file. I hope someone can help.


I can add 10 items into my cart, and at checkout, both usps, and ups modules, reflect the correct weight, but only 1 package.


I really appreciate any time and effort.


version 2.3

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osc reports (1 package 15kg)


if I have 20 items, it says (1 package 30kg)


no matter how many items I purchase, still only 1 package.


I would like each item to be a package.

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I'm not great at explaining, I apologize. So here is a snapshot of my shopping cart with 5 items, total weight (with 1 tare) 47 lbs, and should be 5 individual packages.





however, clicking Checkout results in the following;




I would be fine with this, but the rates are so far off 1 package vs 5. I'm thinking because I haven't seen anyone with this problem, that either I'm missing a configuration, or not understanding something in the setup...


If not, is there a way for me to adjust the variable that is counting the products / packages?


I'm not totally new to oscommerce, but I am still very beginner level -- and really appreciate any suggestions / help.


Thank you again



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oh, I apologize, forgot to mention - I do use the max weight per package.


The problem is, our products did not have the shipping dimensions on the first 20k+ items, a lot of them are under 15 lbs, but bulky, and not easily combined. Most go out as individual boxes. I just was hoping there would be a way to make the package count MATCH the item qty count.


Thank you again.

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I'm having a similar problem - some of my products are also bulky and must ship in separate packages. The quotes I get through my shopping cart show the correct total weight but but not the correct number of packages, so the USPS shipping quote is way too low. UPS uses "ready to ship" boxes with sizes but the USPS module does not access this information and shows estimates for one box which are way too low. Any advice is appreciated.

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If you look in the shipping class you will see how this can be achieved.


if ($shipping_weight > SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT) { // Split into many boxes

$shipping_num_boxes = ceil($shipping_weight/SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT);

$shipping_weight = $shipping_weight/$shipping_num_boxes;



Set your shipping max wt in the shop admin








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I am having the same problem with a twist. We use fedex. Have same issue where it calculates weight correctly but only 1 package. But going simply by weight won't work. Our products vary in size. We sell home brew products and sell bottles in six packs, growlers and fermenters. So far we have only had orders for 1-3 growlers (which we tape together since they are individually boxed) or a fermenter and 1 or 2 growlers which we can fit in 1 box but now we have a possible order of 10 growlers and a fermenter. The fermentor would be 1 package and the growlers may fit in a large box but may need to be separated into 2. Would there be a way to maybe instead of by weight, go by what the product is and the quantity ordered? If so, does anyone know of an example of what this code would be like? The weight code above would be a start but since there are other variables involved I don't understand the code enough to expand on it.


Thank you,



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Thank you Geoffrey. I forgot about this setting.

I am using the "ready to ship" dimensions support option for all my products but USPS is ignoring this and dividing the total weight into equal packages.

An example: package1 is 16 lbs and package2 is 10 pounds - total 26 lbs

the quote shows 2 packages @ 13 lbs


I want it to calculate with the original "ready to ship" packages instead.

Any ideas?

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