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The e-commerce.

Nudge of Body Content - Left Column


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I am in the process of developing my layout for my e-commerce pages and am learning a lot about OSCommerce and I like it alot. I have years experience with websites but have never delved into the e-commerce before so this is new.


I have a simple problem and I know I HAVE to be overlooking it. In my revisions of trying to change the template I have managed to nudge the body content/left column over to the right by 2-3 pixels..I have checked all the padding codes to move it back (it isn't lining up with the edge of the breadcrumb / footer lines and it's driving me bonkers!)


It can be seen here http://fourthperimetertactical.com/catalog.


And I just want to get it lined back up...I've searched here and in google for the answer of what I did, and spent now over half a day trying to fix these couple of pixels.


I'm the type I hate asking for help, but this has me stalled as I just can't move on til I fix it!


Would anyone mind directing me to which piece of code nudged it out of line so I can fix it and finally move on? I really appreciate it.


All the pieces are beginning to fit together now, but this has just been frustrating as I look at it. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm using OScommerce 2.3.3.


Thank you in advance!

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You are trying a strange mixture of table based code from older osCommerce versions on the new one.


I wouldn't do it that way at all, but anyway, since you are at that point now, I would say to move the breadcrumb table instead of moving the columns


Leave the columns and the grid system in peace and add to the table that holds your headernavigation a margin left/right of 5 pixels, this will get it inline with the columns




You have


<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" border="0">
 <tr class="headerNavigation">


Change to



<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" border="0" style="margin:0 5px;">
 <tr class="headerNavigation">


Or, add a class to the table and style in css



Other users, please note, this does NOT apply to a regular osCommerce 2.3x store, there are no tables in the header

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I was confused the first couple of days when I began studying this software....It was merely yesterday that I realized the changes in 2.3.3 was so great that the things that worked prior to it, including addons, contribs and code that I was studying were not relevant.


I'd rather set it up the right way and am not, at this point, objectionable to starting over as I learn more each time I do.


I hadn't found or understood good template contribs that will work with this version, having tried simple template, basic design pack etc...and ended up starting over with each, and honestly I like digging into the code myself so I learn how it interacts.


Now I wonder if shouldn't just start over.


Thank you for pointing that out. I think I shall have to start over from scratch so I can do it the right way. I need a nice looking site and I want it to blend in with the main pages.

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