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Hidden prices


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Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a way of hiding the prices of a specified brand from non-registered users.

I have several brands and would like the option of displaying prices of some brands as opposed to others.

At present I display prices of all brands to everyone. I also installed the module which allows me to diplay prices to only registered users but that is not enough for me.

Can anyone help ?



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Hi Chris,


and thank you for your kind reponse.

Indeed that is what I would need but these past 2 days I tried following the guide but with no success.

My main problem was that looking for the codes within the php files I couldn't find the exact place. So at times I would intuitively place the coding where I thought logical (I have no experience in this sort of coding).

After seeing that there was also a file "catalog/includes/modules/products_new.php" - I have "catalog/includes/modules/products_listings.php" I gave up modifying and simply went for the "clean installation" that is I replaced my files with those found in version 4.2.

Yet again I had errors on the site so I restored everything back to before.

Is there anything you can advise me to do ? I have version 2,3,1.



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Easiest way (in theory);


Pass the product_id through the display_price function. Write a new function to grab the manufacturers_id from the product id and if the manufacturers_id = x, don't show the price, unless the customer is logged in then show all prices (global the $customer_id).


As I said, in theory this should work perfectly well. Would need a few lines of code to deal with the above, and the $product_id passed through all the display_price throughout the shop..


That sounds quite complicated and probably is more complicated than i've made out. it's an idea for exploration though.

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