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Realex referring and response urls


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Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this


I've inherited an oscommerce shop (I'm very inexperienced with oscommerce and am learning as I go along!) and am trying to get the Realex module working in conjunction with support team at HSBC who handle the company's payments. We've got to the stage where the transaction completes successfully with a test card but get the error:


'Your transaction has been successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant's web site. Please contact the merchant and advise them that you received this error message. Thank you.'


The support consultant says this is due to the response url being incorrect and they need me to provide the referring and response urls before we can go any further.


Could someone please tell me how I can find these?


Many thanks,


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Normally your return URL would be www.yourdomain.com/checkout_process.php however, with some payment modules, they require validation through the www.yourdomain.com/ext/modules/payment/yourpaymentgateway/ (this folder contains a validation file)


You can look at the above directory on your server and see there are several already in there and you can refer to.





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Hi Chris


Thanks for your reply. We tried using www.yourdomain.com/checkout_process.php and it apparently wasn't correct. I've just looked in www.yourdomain.com/ext/modules/payment/yourpaymentgateway/ but we don't have a folder for Realex - is this part of the problem?


Also, apologies for the newbie question but is the return URL the same as the referring URL? What's the difference between this and the response URL which we also need to provide?


Thanks again,


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