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The e-commerce.

Some problems with shipping settings, some advice would be great :0)


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We have the free version of OSc and I'm trying to make some changes to the shipping options.


Currently there is a flat rate set for UK postage which works fine, and a flat rate of £5 for international purchases which for some reason isn't attaching to the final price?


What we would ideally like is to have the UK set as free for purchases over £25 and for the flat rate for the international to actually work. The screenshot of the page is attached.


Any advice here would be great, I appreciate any help in advance guys.




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Yeah there is a long list of zone citys etc under Locations > Zones but none of these are offered as an option in the International shipping drop down, only the default Tax Zone of Florida.


I just want anything that isn't the UK to be international, give that a flat rate and minimum spend for free postage then its done.


How do I set the rest of the world to be the international shipping flat rate?

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Where your florida zone is offered, you need to create an INTERNATIONAL zone, which would list all other countries except the UK. You also need to have a UK zone for that shipping method.


Then, in the Internation Per Item shipping method, choose the International zone for shipping. So, only international customers will be given that option. UK customers will see the flat rate shipping with the UK zone applied.




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I really appreciate the advice.


I already found a module that sets the limited spend before it allows you to check out and that works well.


The only thing left to do now is the zone, I've created a tax zone called international and chosen All Countries, however will this not also include the UK?


Can anyone tell me how to remove the UK from the folder but leave the rest as all?


Nearly there guys great.





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