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The e-commerce.

Right column in Internet explorer is acting wierd


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I have recently started fiddling with my localhost website on an actual domain, and have always just looked how things turned out in firefox. Now the problem is with IE (surprise?) when I resize the window the right column bounces down to under the left one and up to the right as it should be. So sometimes when I choose one size it stays put at the right hand, and in other sizes it goes down to under the left one.

This is not the main issue, however...

The biggest issue I have, is that in product_listing and products_new the right hand column goes down for about half the page, and sits neatly right above the "buy now" column, making it look really ugly and you can't press those products "buy now" button, since this is in the way. I have a fluid 960grid, and making the window fullsize doesn't help. I have tried the standard 960 size and 1080, but it doesn't help making it bigger (unless you need to change gutter width, that I haven't tried yet)


I use the latest OSC.

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  • 2 months later...

I thought I would just reply to my own topic, since it seems to have worked for a while now.

What I did was I enabled the options to choose language (I only had swedish since my store will only be available to swedes) since I read about that in another thread. I noticed that everything worked fine when I chose english, so I thought I would just go through all files and see what was messing things up. I started with the english.php, copied it and renamed in to swedish.php, and started to translate everything (I did have the old file left, so more of a copy/paste when it came to that) I don't know how or why, but now it works! (I compared the two files, and saw nothing I as a non-programmer thought could cause this.)


This also fixed a problem I had with IE not showing the larger pictures when clicked.

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