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"Buy now" button often disappears


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I am not quite sure whether I have categorized my post correctly but I try entering it here.

Can anybody tell me what I should look for when I search for the cause of this error:

In the function https://filipino.dk/oscom/original/products_new.php the "Buy Now" button has disappeared from the first line only - but if you click a product and enters the function https://filipino.dk/oscom/original/product_info.php?products_id=5 (here showing product no. 5), the "Buy Now" button never shows.

Try also for example https://filipino.dk/oscom/original/index.php?cPath=1 - the first line always misses the "Buy now" button.

I am using Mini Templates - but the "Buy Now" button did not disappear after the installation.

Other addons should not have any impacts on these functions but what should I look for then?


OsCommerce 2.3.3

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In the function products_new.php then button is named "Add to Cart".

After further investigation by disabling the mini template - then the button whows up.

I will contact the supplier and post the result here.

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The issue is not connected to mini template system but to modifications you did your self


On the product info page, the "add to cart" button does not display because of a rule that you added to file css/filipino.dk.css on line 20


#tdb2 {


This is not part of osCommerce and not part of MTS


the id "#tbd2" is added by jQuery UI script to each button in a autoincrement manner. First button is tbd1, next tbd2, then tbd3 etc


The first button on your page is the search button in the navigation bar, next (tbd2) is, depending on the page, either

- the add to cart button on product info

- the add to cart button of the first product on new products page

- the buy now button on the new products slider on the front page

- the continue button on the information pages

- the login button on the login page


etc etc


The fact that the issue happens only if MTS enabled is, because you include your css file within the condition that checks if MTS is enabled


It is not a good practice to use dynamically generated ids to set general rules, they could have unexpected results, as it happened in your case.


As a first step, please remove that rule from the css file where you added it


For further help and suggestions, please check your email, I'll be happy to assist you in anything you want to achieve

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