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Updating stock/new products feed issue


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OK...please be patient with me as this is all very new to me and I have very little hair left, as most has been pulled out with trying to find an answer...


Let me explain a little of the background - I purchased this site from a web developer at the end of 2009, with the thought of me knowing enough about websites to make it a business on the side of my other businesses. How wrong was I??? Since buying the site, I became very busy with other projects, so with only little free time, I started to make a few changes to make the site run a lot easier.


The main changes involved were to the importing of new products/stock updates/out of stock. Previously images had to be re-sized and it took some time just to update one product. I found a guy on Freelancer (no longer alive) that made many changes for me...he made up coding that import the product that would already re-size images and grab certain bits of information needed to make new products very quick....it would also update stock values/out of stock products/place end of the line products in a different category for sale items etc etc....


After this time, there was a period where I was way too busy to even look at the site....but now, after all this time, I have been able to get rid of all my other work commitments and I wanted to start to concerntrate on the site to get it to start to earn some money. Apart from hitting all the barriers of not knowing what to do with SEO/Links and all the other stuff to start to get traffic to the site....I have found, what I think is a problem....and I have no clue how to sort it...


I started to notice, less and less products actually being live on my site....I did think it being strange but thought nothing of it.


During all the work I done with getting the site up to date over the past month...still less and less products were on my site...and virtually it seemed when I was doing an update of new products...the next day i would do an update again for stock purposes, and those products would go out of stock (no longer live on my site, but sit in admin side of the site stating out of stock).....at this point I started to check with my suppliers site....and the products are still in stock...


So, it seems something is going wrong with my feeds and importing placing of stock etc.....I'm lost...!!!!


I have tried to get help on Freelancer but lately it seems very hard in trying to find a worker that actually has a little grasp on the english language let alone them actually having a clue on how to sort the issue.


I was advised by geekstogo to come over here because somebody may be able to help...so any advice or pointing in the right direction would be really appreciated...but please bear in mind....don't get too technical because I will just get lost and I have no clue what you are saying....


....oh....and sorry for being such a newb that has no clue... :mellow:

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So you need to look at the importing script to see what is happening at the point of products_status which is in the products table, this entry is 1 or 0 to signify if the product is out of stock.


You may also need to look at products_quantity (also in the products table) to see if that is being changed, which might have an impact.

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Hi Burt,


Many thanks for your response.


Where do I find the importing script? You say about the entry being 1 or 0....is that within my admin pages.


The products that I mention that are still in stock with my supplier but showing out of stock within my admin pages....there are loads in stock with my supplier.


I take it the products_quantity in the product table is within the importing script....I have no idea where to find this...and if it is something that is on my FTP, will I need something to read that.......


I am really sorry that I am sounding like a clueless idiot....but it may get better....with time.... :lol:

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