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recommendation for add on?


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Hi could anyone recommend a addon that allows me:


on the product listing show the attrib's for each product


i ask this as i'm building a site (relaunch - build from scratch) for the local pizza delivery and it would be way more faster for the customers to select right away and it will save them the troublesome way of clicking on the product and selct the options and then go back and all over... on each product there is not much to look at other than the topping and size's


i allready found an addon that allows me to move the product description out to the listing area so people can see the toppings at once




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Hi... i looked at it but are a bit confused....


take a look at this site: http://pizza-pronto.dk/


click in the left menu "italiensk pizza" (first one on list)


as you see each pizza has some options with a green plus sign... i want the same thing (more or less) the sign could be a smaller size cart or whatever suits


does the quick shopper allow this? of course i could just make each size a model but then i would have to change the word model to size etc...

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not bad... am i pushing my luck if i ask for a demo site? not asking for access to the code just a demo so i could change stuff and see what happens....

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I will PM you the link to the demo site.


The link posted above does not function with v2.3.3 and never did really work, that's why the Quick shopper add on was created.




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