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Add products cost to specials in admin


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I am using RC2a.


I have previously added an addon that add the cost of a product to the categories area within the admin. I am now trying to add the cost of the product to the specials area within admin. I have got the cost to show on the specials main page, but cannot figure how to get the cost price to show in the dropdown box when creating a new special product.


The code for the dropdown is



<td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_SPECIALS_PRODUCT; ?> </td>

<td class="main"><?php echo (isset($sInfo->products_name)) ? $sInfo->products_name . ' <small>(' . $currencies->format($sInfo->products_price) . ') . (' . $currencies->format($sInfo->products_price) . ')</small>' : tep_draw_products_pull_down('products_id', 'style="font-size:10px"', $specials_array); echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_price', (isset($sInfo->products_price) ? $sInfo->products_price : '')); ?></td>



Where in this code do i need to add products_cost to get the cost price of a product to show in the dropdown box. At the moment the dropdown box shows


product name(product price)


and in need it to show


product name(product cost price)(product price)


Any help will be greatly received before i transfer everything over to 2.3.3.


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