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2nd Manufacturer/Supplier Admin Module


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Hi there


OSCommerce 2.3.3


Does anybody know if there is a module to add a supplier(s) (like Manufacturer) to admin side only.


For example, I buy products from several sources, however when I sell the product, I would immediately like to know in admin where I have bought or will buy from.., this can also help if 1 product is purchased from two or three suppliers. The supplier does not need to have his/her own log in page.





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I wanted something similar to this with my new store. What i did was to add a few new lines to the admin/categories.php just after the model number area. These i called reorder number 1 and 2 and also order quantity. The reorder numbers also included an abreviation of the suppliers name, so i would know where the items came from. New tables were added to the database. I also went a bit further and had this information show on the categories page in admin.


All i did was to basically copy the model number code, but remaned everything.


This may not be what you want, but the idea worked for me.


I also used the code from an addon that showed the retail price of a product as a basis to get the idea. None of the info shows on the catalogue side.


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