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Hi I have a small issues with my installation which is that content is producing the html hex code of the ampersand (eg &abmp)


I have tried to use the HTML decode inn php but I also see there are some other html codes which also get effected

Is this a known bug ?


usning a data feed to the site

Ver 2.33 installed

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& is the HTML entity for the ampersand. It is used because & has a special meaning in HTML (starts a... wait for it... entity). & is an alternate method. Are you seeing the HTML entity somewhere, or a %26 hex code? Neither should be visible to the end user. It's possible that botched PHP code can put & into HTML, and then feed it through a "sanitizer" to make it "HTML safe", and end up with & which displays on the screen as &.


In URLs (specifically URL Query Strings ?var1=value&var2=value), it's usually & that separates variables, and I can't tell you if changing that to & is always permissible, always bad, or somewhere in between. & in a string value itself in a URL should become a hex code %26: comicTeam=Laurel+%26+Hardy.

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