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The e-commerce.

Wow big difference....:(


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Hello, i used OSc in the passed, about 3 years ago. I have returned to be even more confused then before ;x. I have started to customize but not with much success other then adding contributions, arranging boxes, & front page. I cant seem to find much info on here about the following


1. on the front page in the middle where the featured pruducts are, i want the thumbnails to be larger

2. change roratery banner to 1 like the 1 on this page http://shops.oscommerce.com/directory/goto,42444 the 1 at the bottom that rorates in a circle

3. add background image



store is not live, but have it up on server to get all worked out before finallizing a domain fwd and publishing it to web


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1) Edit the /featured.php file (try increasing the image sizes first from the admin area under images, this will change them but it depends on how large you want the images)

2) Look at the contributions for carousel banner

3) change the stylesheet.css to replace the white background with an image.






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woops, thought i looked threw admin panel and didnt see it.... i guess i kept over lookjing it because i was convinced it wasnt going to be that easy.... after u posted that it took me 10 secs... thanks

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There are lots of SEO modules that work, we use multiple modules for most of the website. You want one for URL's, but you will also want one that includes:

1) Page Control

2) Fill Tags

3) Google Site Map Maintenance

4) Data Feeds

5) Social eCart


This will give you more tools to use for SEO than just URL control


osCommerce Experts

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