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footer missing on plain 2.3.3 install


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hi.... have a simple Q... just installed 2.3.3 and put in basic config values in admin... then i looked at the store front and saw that the footer is missing... searched a lot on the topic but no luck


what i have done:


1. filled in config values

2. added store logo

3. added shipping module - needed an extra table shipping option


logo is behind header, could be due to size?

footer is total missing


test site: http://carputer1.com/testwebshop/


any idea what is wrong?

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Your footer is still there, it's the area that say "copyright + powered by osCommerce"


This you can edit of course as you like, the file is catalog/includes/footer.php


If you mean the banner with the osCommerce logo missing, then you can add any banner you like, via admin>tools>banner manager, you need to add it to banner group "468x50", or edit the footer file to accept an other banner group


Regarding the logo, find in your file catalog/stylesheet.css, near the top, following line

#header {
 height: 60px;

and modify according to your logo height

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The "requests since" etc information, is not part of the default template anymore, this is good so, since this information is completely useless


It can be added back, but honestly, why you need this?


Much better to create a nice footer with some useful links in there, or your social links or whatever

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oh well it must be some kind of nostalgia thing i have, and yes the same person looking at the store front hitting reload would generate a hit more when it in fact are not...


and well, its a pizza delivery so not much time for anything else than making the pizza's... but the idea is not bad at all

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