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Is the payment gateway transaction ID stored? (to track issues with payment)


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I've tried and tried to search for an answer to this with no luck.


When you process a payment I assume there has to be some ID, code, etc generated for the transaction.

And I assume this varies by payment gateway module.

BUT for any of the more common like say authorize.net - does OSCommerce by default store that transaction ID anywhere in the database. I develop for several oscommerce shops but can't seem to find this in any.


So any pointers to this info in the database or where it's receieved in the code would be welcome.


The specific issue I'm having is the client is using "Linkpoint" as the payment gateway and it's been up and running fine for a couple years. Recently an order went through okay but linkpoint is saying it didn't happen. Hard to talk to them a bout it without a reference ID.

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Same issue exists with eWay gateway (an add-on), but they stored transaction ID in "payment method". This way, no extra field is required in DB (although you may need to increase the size of the field in DB)



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Hi there

It varies from payment gateway to payment gateway - some save 'stuff' others don't. What you can do though is utilise the existing 'cc' fields in the orders table (cc_type, cc_owner etc) to store info - that will be displayed in the admin orders page - usually I'll increase the size/type of those fields too to store the info.

If you cut into the return data from the payment gateway you'll usually find an array of data that you can use.


(An alternative would be to store the infomation in the 'comments' section in the orders_status_history table but stuff there may be visible to customers.)


I've had a quick squint at one of the Linkpoint addons http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4255 and that one has a debug option built in that will, if activated, email the store owner a copy of all the in/out data transfers for the order - if your using that one then you're 'quids in'



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