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corrupted mp3s


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Hi, I have my store working selling downloads but I have a weird problem.

If I use mp3s at 128 they work great, if I user any higher rate such as 192 or 320 the files come back corrupted when purchased.


Has anyone ever had this problem?


Help would be appreciated as I would rather sell a higher fidelity version.


Thanks everyone.

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I can't imagine why 128 rate files (whether .mp3 or .zip) would work fine, and higher rate .mp3 or .zip files would be corrupted, unless it has something to do with your server choking on larger files (perhaps performance-related). If .zip files are substantially smaller, it may well be worth trying to zip your files and see if it helps. Can you take some example good and bad files and try downloading them directly (not through the store) and see if the high rate files transfer OK as .mp3? I'm assuming that you can actually play those files after FTPing them back down from the server, proving that the original production process wasn't responsible for corrupting them!

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