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2.3.1 > 2.3.3


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My favorite is to use a comparison program (Meld, Winmerge, etc.) and compare my files to the ones in the 2.3.3 package. But you can also follow the upgrade instructions like you did for 2.3.2. Both methods work.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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Hi all tried to upgrade and now have lost the image from the template


<img src="images/" < i can see this what file do i need to look out as i have a back up of the site..


on assumption the code is not generation the correct image html

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i just did the 2.3.1>2.3.2 update followed by the 2.3.2>2.3.3 update using the step by step instructions on the web.


That is editing every file indicated by hand and uploading new files. I did this to avoid messing with the many modifications done over the years. I originally though to do it by looking for differences, but because of those modifications previously made it was very difficult.


I took my time and commented every change I made in case I needed to go back. All in all it probably took 2 hours. In some cases finding the part to edit was harder than it should have been because the line number was no help due to lots of additions to the original code (find on the first bit of the old function was more helpful in those cases).


After doing it once, the second shop was much easier . . . probably took about half the time.


Just go slow and be careful. Measure twice cut once. Make sure you have a backup.



NOTE 1) to the writers of the instructions. It would be a lot easier if the edits were grouped together in directories. That is once I'm in the admin directory let's stay there and get all of them done, then move somewhere else to do more edits. There is a lot of needless jumping around when following all the edits.


NOTE 2) One that I spent time wondering about was define_languages.php. I couldn't find it to edit it. Decided to upload the new file. Then after searching realized it was a file I had deleted for security reasons.

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