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Home page unreachable after login


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Hi, I've just a problem with this.

When a user login, only the new products are displayed on the main page, but it's impossible to go to the home page again, witout a logoff process.

No problem if the user login during the checkout process (if he buy something).

Thanks for your help.

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When you say 'main page' and 'home page', are you talking about the same page (osC's main page) or is the store under a custom home page? If the latter (separate home page), do you have links added to the osC pages to get back to the home page? One thing to keep in mind is that a logged in user has a session that must be preserved if you go outside of osC, with certain forms of links, so be sure you don't lose your session when stepping outside of osC.

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I think that better you post your url


Many things can come up if you "type www", for example www.domain.com/index.html or www.domain.com/catalog/index.php or whatever.


The question here is (as @@MrPhil already pointed out) what your "home page" is. Is it the osCommerce index.php page or some other page? Do you have osCommerce installed in the root or in some folder like eg /catalog/ or /store/ etc?

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In both cases, logged in or not, the user is able to reach the "home page" (or "main page") that is the default osCommerce index.php, the store is in the root


The difference is in the content displayed, in case of not logged in you have some welcome text, in case of logged in you display the customer greeting, the rest of the page is same. There are no new products at all, just the "upcoming products"


However, this text is probably something you added in the language file (includes/languages/english/index.php, the TEXT_MAIN)


There may be a condition in this file to check if visitor is logged in or not and display a different text or, the most possible, you have such a condition in the index.php of your root, that display the TEXT_MAIN only if visitor is not logged in

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