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Manufacturers Dropdown Menu Redirect


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I've just searched through this forum for an hour or so and still couldn't find the answer to this query so please excuse me if it's here and I've missed it.


Is there a way I could create a page for each of the manufacturers so that when you click on it in the dropdown menu it redirects to a page that isn't just a list of all the products? For example I want to create separate landing pages for each manufacturer.


Failing that, is there a way I can just get the link in the dropdown menu to redirect to the manufacturers URL that I specify (and then I can create individual pages for each one)?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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The simplest way is to amend the manufacturers table in the database to hold the extra info you require.


Eg; manufacturers_description or whatever


Add new logic in the admin side for adding/updating.

Add new logic in the shop side index.php for displaying.


I did something a bit similar here; https://github.com/gburton/oscommerce2/commit/9bed54b56ceb73d2eda6395451fa7df72aaa5c87 (add new inputs per manufactuer, display them as part of SEO). So that code is not exact for your needs, but somewhat close.

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Cheers for that Burt! It is one way round the problem but I think there must be an easier way as there is already a space for the manufacturer URL.


If I use this to specify where I have created the new landing pages, how can I get the dropdown box to redirect here?


Thanks again

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