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Corrupt database after Converting 2.2 to 2.3


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After a server Crash I was forced to install OSC2.3.3. My previous version was 2.2.2 with many addons, such as office locations.

I have a functioning system and database after the conversion but there seems to be a few issues that I have not been able to isolate.


In the Admin Panel

1. Under Configuration ->Product Listing - Several Lines display twice

A. Display Product Image

B. Display Product Name

C. Display Product Price

D. Display Buy Now column

E. Display Category/Manufacturer Filter ...

F. Location of Prev/Next Navigation bar ... (On this one first shows true in value other shows 3)


2. Under Configuration -> Shipping/Packaging - Several Lines display twice

A. Postal Code

B. Larger Packages - percentage increase


3. Under Configuration -> Stock -> Stock Reorder Level - This is a drop down of Countries


4.Under Configuration -> There are others where lines are displayed twice with different values.


I know this is something to do with the database conversion and have been searching feverishly to find it.

Apparently at this point only the Configuration values are affected.


Any assistance in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



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The database changes required during the update to v2.3.3 do not explain the issues you are having. I suggest restoring your backup and then run the SQL query again to complete the changes.





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Thanks Chris

What I did was to export each table individually and copy the structure from a fresh installed 2.3.3 database into the old database, insuring to add the new tables to the old database.

I then imported the exported data into the restructured database. Then using phpMyAdmin I synchronized this with the online live database.

I bit complicated but it allowed me to have minimal downtime.


Everything works !!!


Thanks Again


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Wow, ya more complicated than it had to be. There aren't that many changes in the update for the database. Would have just been simpler to run the query after doing the backup.




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