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Gavekort or Gift Card


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Hey All,


i have in trouble please any one to solve that, i installed CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher 6.0 for 2.3.1 v10.4_1 on my oscommerce web store, i used oscommerce version 2.3.1. the trouble is that i want gift credit in my left bm_category menu. i attached some example links you also visit that, can any one help me how can its possible, please visited these web sites and check the left category menu there have Gavekort category its a Credit Gift any user add to shopping cart and check out process he will pay the Credit Gift payment than one code generate and he will Credit Gift code to any one friend he will come to site and than he enter the code on Gift input field and mines credit class amount to his total purchasing amount.



http://kragborg.moskjaer.dk/ please visit left category menu there have gavekort gift credit.

http://wellnessaarhus.dk/catalog/index.php please visit right side menu there have gavekort gift credit.



please tell me how to add this. and whats the module for that.



Thank you in advance.

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Read through the instructions for CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher and you will see how you can create a gift card product which is purchasable in your shop.

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Thanks toyicebear,


i install CCGV but i cant found any option or any module detail on admin panel that i will add my gift card and he show on left menu and any one buy it, to deliver code to any one friend.


in admin panel only have coupon card when i manage it he generate code and there have only option send to email. The point is that we cant want that any our customer come to our shop than we manage gift card and he gave this gift card to his friend. We want that any one customer come to our web store and he will choose any gift card than he pay gift card payment via store payment gateways. store generate code and send him one mail with gift card code. He will send this code to any friend he will come to our store that he buy some items and on payment page he enter gift card number. Gift card price mines to his total purchasing amount. for your help i mention some one web store url please visit it.




its gift cards website, we want same like that



Thank you in Advance.

Faisal Mughal

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Its in the instructions for CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher


basically it is that you make a new category in the shop, called for instance: Gift Cards then you add a products to it. to make those products be a gift card you will need to give it a model number starting with GIFT. See the CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher for more detailed instructions.

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hey toyicebear,


i add one category on my store like that your the category name is Gavekort, and there have added one gift card but he added same like as a products. i send u my web store url and also admin panel detail please check it.


user: admin
password: admin


please visit and check how to add gift card.


Thank you in advance

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You should change the login info for your admin immediately , before someone "hacks" your shop.


This is the instructions from the CCGV Mod:


Creating a Gift Voucher.


Creating a gift voucher for a customer to buy is the same as creating a new product with the exception that the gift vouchers model number must start with the word GIFT in upper case. It can be GIFT_25 or GIFT25 or whatever you would like to use. as the suffix to the word. But MUST START with the word GIFT You can create gift vouchers in any denomination. Gift certificate images have been provide in the catalog\images directory in denominations of 25$, 50$ and 100$ values.


You can also create gift vouchers by sending them to your customers via the admin->Vouchers/Coupons->Mail Gift Voucher selection within the admin. To use this to send a voucher to a customer use the drop down customer list. To send to a single customer or future customer you can put their email in the Email To: text box. Do not use both the customer dropdown list and the Email To: text box or the customer will get 2 gift vouchers. To determine what values the gift voucher is used on please see the doc on modules->order total->gift vouchers.


Gift vouchers are a virtual product. In this regard, in many shops, they do not require shipping charges to be added to them. To avert the shipping charge on gift vouchers set the weight of the gift voucher to 0 when creating the product and enable downloads by setting true the value admin->configuration->downloads->enable download .

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Thank you for help Nick,


My question is that my shopping store in Norwegian language, can i change model number GIFT_25 to Gavekort_25, its possible if its possible than how can i changed this, and can we mention any gift card products name. For example my gift card model is GIFT_25 can i set product name Gavekort Kr 25?


Thank you in advance.

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