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htaccess help


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I cant seem to get my htaccess code right for redirecting pages that appear like the below to go to a 410 page, eg:






Basically, I want a rule whereby anything where "-c-" comes directly after the slash of the domain gets sent to a 410. I have been trying to do this but my code isnt working, so far I have something like this:


RewriteRule ^/\-c\-[0-9]+\.html$ - [G]


But this makes no difference at all, any idea why this is not working? Thanks!



Founder & Director at CSC Tours Ltd

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In a RewriteRule, there will be no leading "/" on the URI. Try

RewriteRule ^-c-([0-9]+)\.html$ ......

The () will let you capture the number as $1 if you want to use it in the replacement string.


I'm not familiar with the "-" replacement or the G flag... should they give you a 410 error? Maybe try redirecting to something else first, just to make sure the pattern match is working:

RewriteRule ^-c-([0-9]+)\.html$  /catalog/index.php?glotz=$1  [L]

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