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The e-commerce.

I sthere a way of knowing when a customer has downloaded a product?


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I have just set up my download site and am wondering if there was a way, other than seeing the count of downloads left, to know exactly when a customer downloaded my digital product. This would be very useful to view esp. if they disputed whether they were able to download the product or not. Yes?


Any thoughts? Does Action Recorder do this?


Thanks for your input.



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Downloads are counted in osCommerce, this happen in file catalog/download.php

tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_DOWNLOAD . " set download_count = download_count-1 where orders_products_download_id = '" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['id'] . "'");


This query deduct 1 download from the total number of allowed downloads that you set in admin for a particular item each time a customer click on "download" in file catalog/account_history_info.php


So, if you set for an item to have eg 5 downloads and there are 2 left in the database (table orders_products_download, field download_count) it mean that customer downloaded 3 times


What you need now is, to create an admin report, could be in file admin/orders.php that will query the DB for that info and display the result, eg

Download limit: 5

Downloads done: 3

Downloads left: 2


Edit: This says of course nothing if the download was "successful" or not in the meaning that the file is on customers computer or not

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The Download Controller contribution will display the number of downloads remaining in the customers account. You would need the master password contribution installed too in order to get to it.

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osCommerce does not track successful downloads. It is up to the customer to download the file within the allocated number of days before the link expires.






As stated, osCommerce does NOT track SUCCESSFUL downloads. Apart from what the other members pointed out, osCommerce has NO IDEA if the download the customer received was completed successfully, only that they have clicked the download link. My answers was for the original question.





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