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Customer Information Not Passing to Paypal


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run into an issue. when passing a completed order over to Paypal, all customer information doesn't make the trip, resulting in just the dollar amount of purchase (less shipping amounts,) on the Paypal page. Missing is all formatting, item information, customer information, shipping amount... etc. Using Paypal Standard, OSCommerce 2.3.1.


It has to be something simple, a setting maybe?


Timmy C

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The order details are not sent to paypal when using paypal standard. There is an add on that will do that for you. Its the way it was designed. The shipping costs will go across from oscommerce if you have your paypal profile settings set up to allow this. You will have to go through your paypal profile to find all the settings, i think they may be in your selling preferences section. You should also include a return url to your checkout_process.php.


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Steve, Thanks for the info... In talking with the Paypal MTS guys, it is one of those where you might have to contact several times until you get info that is useable. Last guy finally came across with explaination. Paypal can only process dollar amount & include shipping and/or sales tax when customer information is sent over to Paypal; Without, all Paypal displays is the dollar amount of sale. Interesting, even though order has been totaled with shipping, Paypal strips shipping. Seems if an amount is sent over, It should not be modified by Paypal? Paypal guy claims, even with Paypal selling preferences set to add shipping, unless there is customer data sent over, Paypal will not add shipping and/or sales tax. I am going to install the add-on you suggested, and see what happens. I do have the all Paypal Profile items set correctly, Paypal guy went through settings and concurrs. The return URL the checkout_php was there and correct.


Timmy C

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