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Tax zones very weird issue


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Hello, oscommerce forums!


I've been a quite happy user of oscommerce for quite a while, and have a setup that has worked pretty well for a long time. However, I'm having some issues with certain customers in certain tax zones being priced for VAT while they should not. The reason I'm posting in these forums instead of searching and reading the numerous guides is that I believe it is set up just fine, but it is still giving me some headaches.


All my customers from Denmark are priced for 25% VAT as they should, but my occasional customers from Greenland are for some reason also priced for 25% VAT, while they should not. The weird thing is that in the order details, tax is set to 0.00% and the price without and with tax is the same, but an order total with 25% of the subtotal is added anyway. See the screenshot below (sorry for linking instead of posting an image, it seems the image embedder doesn't work):



I have tried creating a user and setting the address to Greenland, but no tax is added. I've also tried logging in to the user in question and created an order, but again, no tax. What the **** is going on? :(


It would be great if someone could help me out, or maybe try to explain to me which classes and files are used to calculate these order totals - I've tried looking around, but it seems to me that the process is quite complex. Thanks in advance.


Here is my entire location/zone/tax setup:


I have a number of countries set up:



I have also defined a set of zones:



Here are my tax zones:

+ All

+ - All countries | All zones

+ Indland

+ - Denmark | All zones

+ Udland

+ - Færøerne | All zones

+ - Grønland | All zones

+ - Island | All zones

+ - Luxenborg | All zones

+ - Norge | All zones

+ - Sverige | All zones

+ - Portugal | All zones

+ - Spanien | All zones


I only have one tax class, "Taxable Goods", and all my items are in this class.


I also only have one tax rate:

Tax class: "Taxable Goods"

Zone: Indland

Tax rate (%): 25.0000

Description: Moms

Priority: 1

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