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Editing the footer - CSS is driving me nuts...


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Hello community,


I am trying to create a new look for my footer, Im just having a hard time with the colors of my tables, background and text.


I would like to know if there is a way that I can just disable the footer from using the CSS. I then can manually apply the text sizes,colors and font. Also manually alter the table.


Thanks in advance.

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There is no css getting enabled/disabled


- Css rules apply in case you have any classes or ids in your html attached to the various elements (eg <div class="kuku">...</div> and in css .kuku{margin:10px})


- If not, then any rules for the elements in general will apply (eg you have in your html a plain <p>...</p> and in css a rule p{margin:10px}


- If nothing of the above, the default browser rules will apply, so it is recommended to learn and use css as @@14steve14 suggested


Adding inline styles is also an option of course, but much more harder to do and maintain as css

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What happens if I just delete the CSS footer block from the CSS file, then I apply my normal elements to my HTML.


Will the main CSS still take over?


I tried to alter the CSS and it affects many other pages besides the footer. Such as when I edit the color and centering, the payment Add to Cart changes. Just want to alter CSS that affects the Footer tables and text, then life is good.


Just not sure about the footer section of the CSS. I alter the lines to change text color and nothing happens, maybe I need to add particular tags. Maybe CSS is not even applied to my code that I wrote to the footer.


What is needed in HTML to apply the CSS? Maybe its as simple as making sure that CSS is properly applied to the footer.....

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As your site is controlled using css there is really no other way to display things. CSS is easy to learn and once you get the hang of it, there are many things you can do using it.


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