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paypal standard picking up an extra charge "handling" under "Shipping"


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I updated my paypal standard with the add on "Paypal Standard Fix V1.1 for osc v2.3. Paypal now shows the item details and that looks good but when it comes down to the Shipping it shows what the site has and then adds another line called handling and adds the same amount again. So my PayPal is billing more then my site.


My site is showing just the products, sub, shipping and total. All is fine.


Paypal is showing product, sub, shipping, (adding handling) and total. With does not match the site.


Any ideas on what I need to do to get read of the handling?



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Make sure in your admin area - configuration - shipping that you have zero in your Package Tare weight This is usually where oscommerce add a figure for handling and packaging costs. I am not sure whether this is added sererately to your paypal addon.


The other option is to check in your paypal account priofile to see if you have set paypal to use your webstore packaging and not figures setup in the paypal account.


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Thanks for the input. I turned off the tare weight at the beginning. It messed with my weights. I don't have any shipping set up in PayPal. Before the add on there was only one shipping charge. Everything matched the site charges. Just no detail descriptions. After the add on I get a shipping charge that does not match the site and a handling charge that does match the site. In looking at the add on it seems that it changed the "shipping" to "handling_cart". It is the "shipping" that is now showing up that is adding an extra cost in PayPal order side.


I have emailed the author of the add on but have not heard back.


Still trying to figure this one out.

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