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Need suggestions for simplification of complex site


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Hi All,


I built an osC site for a client a few years back. It's outdated and he's got some new requests for the site. It's here: http://crownuniformsonline.com/catalog/index.php


I had to hire a freelancer years back to implement a custom search so that no user could see the school names; they had to type their school name to be able to find it.


So now that's no longer desired. Okay, got it.


I need to get rid of that, but if you search for, say, St. Francis you'll see that there are a LOT of clicks to get to a product. My client has several schools he sells to and each uses the same type of pants.


When I created the site I input the items for a school and copied them to the other schools that use that same product. There are maybe 20 products, but things like shirts and pants have several different sizes. To keep them all "separate" in the order, I made copies of each product and gave each a descriptive title like "Husky Pants (SFX)" for husky size pants for a St. Francis Xavier order.


Is there a way to simplify the site so that I don't have 800 products/attributes in a new site?


I'm looking for any suggestions on streamlining things for me, for my client (on the admin side) and for visitors to the site.

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Well, I would set it up using the schools logo and remove the actual category box on the left column. Using the schools logo (school name under it) would drive the customer to their school quicker entering the top level category (school logo) which would then lead to icons of the items available (pants, shirts, shorts, sweaters, etc). which is the second directory level. From there, they choose style, then color then size. Quick links on the product page would lead customers to the other second level directories to continue shopping.


Having said that and after reviewing your CLIENTS previous site, I would suggest perhaps your client would be best served by a more qualified developer.






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If he's selling the same items at the same price to each school then how about running with a single instance of each product and adding a new product attribute with the school as an option - so when I buy that smashing pair of 32" pants in blue I also have to choose a school - that would cut down the number of products in the admin.

(Ideally also make that attribute mandatory to save the admin from chasing down customers who forgot to choose a school)


So you'd have to grab a school's product list (let's say St Finbar) and keep those products whilst removing all the others - then rename the St Finbar ones by removing (StFin). (easiest way would be to do it through phpMyadmin or whatever takes your fancy)



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Thanks, Bob. I really appreciate it! That thought came to me in the interim too. That would certainly simplify things. I don't know whether to continue with osC (since everything is in place and I could just repackage things with a new look and feel) or to go a different route (say WordPress) to give some more control over content to the client. It would mean recreating the site with a new database and ecommerce plugins, but would give the client more control. I guess I'll just run it by him. Again, thanks.

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