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Questions about OS Commerce for new user


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Hi. I am new to OS Commerce and would like to ask the following question.


On my web site I am looking at running a special offer whereby customers who register their details with our mailing list will then be eligible to receive a free download.


I realise that OS Commerce can automate the delivery of paid digital downloads once a customer has completed their transaction, but is it possible to also set up OS Commerce so that I can direct those having registered their details to a page where they can then get their free download without having paid a penny?


What I am looking for is a delivery system that will manage free downloads, by allowing access to them for only a limited time, let's say 24 hours, and limit the amount of times an item can be downloaded to let's say 5 times before the link expires.


Will OS Commerce allow me to do this kind of thing, and if so, how straightforward would it be for me to set up and operate, as I am not that technically minded and may struggle if it all gets to complex.


My web host is 123 reg, who do not have a standard CPanel, but instead have their own type of control panel. Would this matter?


If OS Commerce is not considered to be the best option for my needs, can anyone suggest a simpler system for delivery of my free downloads which can offer the same kind of functionality in terms of time limitation and expiry?


At the end of the day, I don't want to have to fall back on delivery by a standard url link which is completely unprotected and requires me to have to change its filename after each and every day or so as a safeguard.


Any advice gratefully received.

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hat you need is a page that only registered users can access, right? That is very easy to do, there are several pages within osCommerce reserved for registered users only (eg all checkout_xy.php and account_xy.php). You can repeat the same logic/restriction way for the new page


Regarding the content of the new page, this you could either setup manually in case there are just a few downloads hat don't change often or create a small modification to upload files and display them dynamically


Other option would be, to addthat downloads as products into a category and display that category only to registered users

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