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The e-commerce.

Friend moving away from OSC because.....


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hi all,

I have a friend that currently has her site designed in OSC and is having a new designer do her site and they use Shopify; i guess it is supposed to be a lot easier, but the problem for her is the expense - it is limited to 100 porducts for 29.99 a month, more than that it bumps up to 59.99 a month.....


One of the things that she does not like with her current design is that she has a section that she lists "Gone but not forgotten"; the idea is she makes custom jewelry, and although these pieces are sold, she wants people to

1) see work she has done

2) if they do see something they like, she won't make a duplicate, but will make them something similair.


I guess the person that does her work could only figure out how to display the "Gone" page just like the regular product listing page which results in 100's of pages of necklaces.....no "buy now", no "description"...just the picture.


she is frustrated because she would rather have this area changed to a "grid" functionality, to show maybe three necklaces a row, then if the customer clicked on one to show a closeup, they could - but still can't "buy it"...just get the item number and desgin to contact her to order something similair.


I did seach the add-ons and found this post



and it sounds like it would list her products in a grid on that main page for that section of the web ("Gone but not forgotten") in a grid format; (like three pictures a row)....but can you use this and NOT include the shopping cart buttons?


AND if she used this for this products page....can she still use the regular product layout for the "regular" products page?


thank you all for the help


I can't help her too much, I am struggling with my own site - maybe once I get my own down then I will understand this a lot more, but I hate to see her spend 1000-1500 on a new site when I think all of what she wants can be done with her site now, just the person working on it doesn't want to do it.



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In a summary, what your friend need is


- A category to list some products (whatever she want to add to it).

- This specific category should be in another listing format (grid) while all others have the regular format (table)

- This category should have no "buy now" button


That is all possible, no issues


Not very clear is what you mean with the option to order this item finally, so that your friend can create a similar one. Should people be able to buy the item or not? Maybe you need the buy now button just on the product info page saying "order a similar) instead of "add to cart"?


EDIT: Since your friend decided obviously to hire a developer for the job, why not to hire an osCommerce developer for the job? You (she) can post at commercial support

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Hi Charlene


I had the same sort problem ( i think) with creating video pages , i solved this by creating semi blank pages so it would still fit into the OsCom style and then i just have put a table in there wich makes the grid layout for these pages , the only links are next and previous and a home button.

I used this : http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/topic/371562-adding-new-pages/page__p__1645180__hl__extra%20pages__fromsearch__1#entry1645180 to make the extra pages , they mention also a add-on for creating extra info pages but the doityourself method fitted my needs the best.

You can see a bit here of how it worked out ; http://crazycarz.pt/aerografica1.php?osCsid=72214200b459d4d8ea79b46ee73d2d86


Gr. Rob

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thank you both - I am trying to get her to look at hiring an OSC developer; not me....I want to learn, so I am asking questions....I can see the value in what she is wanting to do, and thought there has to be a solution to it;


I am still struggling with learning this - I am a "BIG PICTURE" person, so for me to learn, I need something that is a road-map that lays out how everything is related, how all the files interact, etc. That isn't provided here in depth, so I struggle....I have the user manual printed out, and read the board as much as I can;


There may be advantages to Shopify; being frustrated with OSC I looked at it also, but it also has lack of documentation (more than this), and although it must be intuitive, I didn't find it that easy....so I can back to this. If I can learn this, I can learn anything.


My issue I get caught up on the little things. She has a page called "categories"....so I get caught up for example in thinking how this would be done, how you create another category page but use a different format that does not impact the other category pages. (grid layout vs. rows)


lots to think about - I hate to see her move to another format just because there are a few things her developer says he can't find answers to; I am not skilled enough to take it on, and her site isn't that complicated......just necklaces; she does want to divide them up into categories (themes) right now they are just "Necklaces"....but other than that, she doens't want anything super fancy. Change the graphics......


Since I am trying to learn - how would one do that -

- make a new category page "Gone but not forgotten" - (I can do that) - but where does the code get changed for that one page so that it would not reflect a change in the other "Category" pages?


Sorry I am asking without being able to login to my admin panel to look at it first hand on my site; at work......


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that is perfect....that is exactly what I was thinking....will have to play with that when I get home....if she won't switch web developers from the osc developer she has now and wants to continue down the shopify path, then at least I can maybe point out that this stuff can be done;


But, that is exactly what I was looking for - she just wants the one category to display as a grid, no "buy now" buttons - but George was right - maybe a "Order Like" button or something - will have to mention that to her and see what she thinks....


her site www.silversquirreldesigns.com


Hate to see her spend a lot more money when her site isn't that complicated....she just wants a few things different.....which I don't know what all they are, this was just one of the main ones....and different graphics (that part is easy)....and not requiring the person to be a member (I have seen add ons for that, so know that can be accomplished - don't know if there are security risks about that)....

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Remember, developers don't suggest using (or changing to) a particular piece of software because it's absolutely the best for the customer. They recommend a given product because it's more or less adequate for the job, and they're familiar with it. If she had been on Shopify and hired an osC-experienced developer, guess what product would be recommended?


There are lots of add-ons (contributions) for osC, so the features she wants are probably available already (it just takes some searching through the add-ons lists). osC presentation is mostly CSS-driven now, so adjusting the layout and colors is fairly clean. Custom graphics are going to be the same work on any platform. "Purchase Without Account" I think is the non-member checkout you're looking for.


For showing old products that might inspire some custom work, there seem to be a few add-ons that might work (but need updating to osC 2.3.3). http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2841 seems to be something to continue displaying "out of stock" items (that can't be added to the cart), and http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4884 seems to be something to add additional custom pages (I presume you'd have to custom write each page's content, rather than getting it from the database). Anyway those two might get the creative juices flowing.


The present store's layout looks fairly stock, so it could probably be customized a bit, even without buying a packaged template. There may be some free themes that would do the job. One thing I'd recommend is taking down the width to maybe max 1000 pixels wide -- I dislike having to scroll right on my 1024x768 screen to see everything. That, or use a fluid layout with minimum width. The right column is an almost useless stub, and the left column could probably be narrowed a bit. I don't know if you'll have to reduce a bit product image sizes or not. One thing I'd to is have a nice title and brief description under each piece -- a product number and price are not appealing, and don't sell.

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Thanks Phil, I'll pass that along; I am not skilled enough at this point to tackle the project; I don't mind that she goes to a "shopify" person, but for what she is spending, I think she could get someone here to do it for a lot less, and get what she needs pronto; She already did her graphics for the people because they kept agreeing to disagree with her; she is simple, but very western.....so she did some things in photoshop and they may need to be changed a little dimension wise to fit screen/grid - but she has done most of the work - so I hate to see her continue to go down that path when her site is pretty straight forward and I think she could get someone here to just re-work what she has with about 1/2 of what she was quoted to do the other.....


she just mentioned these things to me, and I guess she said the person that does her OSC couldn't find add ons to do them? Granted, when I search for answers I must not search on the appropriate term, because a lot of times I am sure my question is out there, but I don't come up with much, but it seems to be that most of what she wants is already out there...


I do need to find an add on that would allow the menu to be horizontal under the header - I am sure it exists, but she said her developer couldn't find one? There has to be something for that, I just haven't looked.


Anyway - she is pulling her hair out with going this new direction, I was just thinking that time wise, she has time constraints, maybe it would be better for her to get some bids off of here....I know the work can be done, I just can't do it, but I want to learn what the answers are.


Thanks Phil


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How about posting for help in the commercial support forum, and ask what

1) 1 day of the developers time would cost and what he/she would accomplish in that time.

2) 2 days ...


You make a list of things to do and their relative importance, like

must haves,

should have

nice to have


Overall I feel that will probably give you a better feel for what can be accomplished in a relative short timeframe.


The fact that the developer can't do anything in osCommerce without a ready-made addon being available to me sounds like the developer shouldn't be called developer. osCommerce is coded in php, a good php coder can easily decipher the areas of the code where you have issues with.


Look at my site and you can see a horizontal menu based on an ul categories list and in my case code taken from a wordpress plugin (because I wanted the responsive bit), but there are tons of implementations for menus to choose from once you have an unordered list of links.

If you decide to put the soldout stuff in separate categories, you just need to query the cPath variable passed for the existence of the category id in the string to display another product listing module.

Same for the product info page, standard there is a product not found functionality when you don't show sold out items.

I have this customized so that it reads, this one is not in stock, we might get some back later, or you can see what else we have in this category. Similar things can be done, nothing is rocket science in osC 2.2/2.3 series.


Hope this helps


I do not use the responsive bootstrap version since i coded my responsive version earlier, but i have bought every 28d of code package to support burts effort and keep this forum alive (albeit more like on life support).

So if you are still here ? What are you waiting for ?!


Find the most frequent unique errors to fix:

grep "PHP" php_error_log.txt | sed "s/^.* PHP/PHP/g" |grep "line" |sort | uniq -c | sort -r > counterrors.txt

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