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Admin Login Session not working


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The server our site is sat on has recently been updated from php 5.2 to php 5.3 - I've followed this post on how to update the functions for osCommerce to work with php 5.3 and updated my code to exactly what is mentioned in the post but I'm having an issue when it comes to logging in as an admin to the admin area.




(I initially wrote a response on that post but realised that it might be easier to just start my own post!)


When I attempt to login, it is bouncing me back to the login page, as though it's not saving the login sessions correctly.


What I think it's doing is that it's logging me in, forwarding me to /admin/index.php and then it's noticing that the session hasn't been saved for the login and thus bounces me back to the login page.


I know the database query is working as I can put in an incorrect login and it will tell me it's incorrect, so it's not a MySQL issue or anything. There's a bit which saves the time I've logged in and updates the number of times I've logged in to the admin table so I know that works too, which makes me believe it is actually logging me in, just not storing a session for the login.


We have a login page for customers to sign in via /login.php (obviously not via the admin area) and this is logging customers in fine (sessions are being stored correctly).


What do I need to do to get the sessions working in the admin login area?



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