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Header tags in template


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Hey all,


Lately I was curious about the templating system in version 2.3.x, and was wondering why header tags are separate modules.


Is it wrong to just do in product_info.php (this is one of the many examples I can think of):

$oscTemplate->setTitle($product_info['products_name']. ' | ' . $oscTemplate->getTitle());


Instead of letting a custom module do this:


$product_info_query = tep_db_query("select pd.products_name from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " pd where p.products_status = '1' and p.products_id = '" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . "' and pd.products_id = p.products_id and pd.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'");
$product_info = tep_db_fetch_array($product_info_query);

$oscTemplate->setTitle($product_info['products_name'] . ', ' . $oscTemplate->getTitle());



I totally don't see the point of the extra queries and work of the header tags module, if you have all the info and functions you need in product_info.php allready.

If you want to save queries, you can use global $product_info in the extra header tags module, but that's questionable too.



Can someone explain me the pros and cons of my approach or the default one ?


Thanks in advance,



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The module system in osC 2.3.x was designed to make it easier for store owners to make changes. You can easily add to the stock Header Tags modules with other modules with different functionality. For example, a module that allows you to set a different title than the on-page title, or one that adds text to the existing module's title. This is much more difficult to do if you have to edit code. Modularity was one of the most popular requests for new features in the 2.2x era.




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