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Anyone with FB ads running CPM?


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Anyone else with large buys of facebook ads on CPM?


I hear .051% CTR is their 'average'


I think it's less than .0010% based on a few accounts we've set up for clients recently


Me, GOOGLE is the only thing worth doing, but since so many are on this BS fb thing, I was wondering if anyone else is seeing CPM CTR's at less than 20% of the so called average.


They refuse to support advertisers, they bury the ads on bottom right side of the page which is death to any type of ad.


Granted their CPM is cheap, way cheap, but WTF if you have to run 10K or 20K ads to get a click, when they claim 2K ads for a click is 'normal'


You can buy a million ads now on FB for 50 to 100 bucks


But if you're getting clicks only every 20K or so impressions it's not worth it


Heck 2K it would be only 'ok' but this 20K impressions for a click is a joke


It's not just what we're doing inhouse, we have a few different clients that all have great ads with great eye candy pics and nothing is pulling eyeballs


It's almost like FB is pure ghost traffic, all bots



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Interesting post... I don't have the answer you are looking for, but I do have some free advice/feedback for FB. I spend a fair amount every month on Google Ads. Recently I have been "trying" to use the FB "promote your post" ad feature and it hasn't worked. At this point I'm not even able to add a payment method to my FB account (no wonder it doesn't work... duh).


I have written multiple complaints to FB that it hasn't worked and have not received a single reply. The other day I tried to call FB sales to see what they could do... Their answer... If you cannot commit to a minimum monthly budget of $2,000 we won't even talk to you. I laughed!!!


$2k min... I easily spend this every month with Google... But to even suggest for a second that I commit $2k to a company that can't, even charge my CC or make a simple ad feature work, reply to a complaint or email is... well... beyond me.


0.001% would be a waist of my time... Even 0.051% is a waist... if you ask me. IMHO 0.001% is basically people who accidentily click your ad. I bet the conversion rate on that 0.001% sucks even worse. The point of an online ad, after all, is too target good quality potential customers... conversions... isn't it?


I konw this really doesn't answer your question, however, as an example... I can easily (on my more targeted google campaigns) avg around 4% CTR on Google Ads.


I like the idea of FB's "promote your post"... It can easily be targeted to your fans and your fans friends etc. But if they can't get it working... It really doesn't matter.


At the end of the day, I feel sorry for FB share holders. They, and Mark Z are the real losers...

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