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The e-commerce.

How do you remove CHECKOUT link and just show PAYPAL


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I have only PAYPAL EXPRESS selected in payment modules


Yet the check out page shows the checkout image


Inside of payments ONLY paypal express is showing


So I need to remove that checkout image/link to force users to use paypal



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in my cart

it shows 2 choices



checkout goes to a screen to add customer info and CC info


the ONLY module in my payment section showing is PAYPAL EXPRESS

So for some reason it continues to show CHECK OUT which means it's trying to gather CC info

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Impossible ! There is NO credit card module in osCommerce. If the only payment method active is PayPal Express than BOTH buttons will go to PayPal for payment. In both cases, your customer will either have to create an account on YOUR website, or create one on the PayPal website. Personally, I choose to have my customers create an account on my site.





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ok, so I tested the check out link, it just gathers a ton of info

then says



If I don't want to gather that info


Is there a way to just force all customers to paypal and not have them add all that info




Maybe there's a php file that controls that link


I just edited the privacy php pages, and I'm familiar enough with php to edit a page if anyone knows what page you need to edit



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Name/address/phone is REQUIRED by all online processors because of fraud. So, like I said, they can either create an account on your website (the information is then passed to PayPal), or they can create an account on PayPal (the information is then passed to your website) but in any case, the customer information is REQUIRED. There is NO WAY around it.





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paypal is used by most on line shoppers now in USA our main target is USA due to fraud in every other area of the world


So north america and europe is our only areas we will ship to


and paypal collects the info then sends you the order


so bypassing the client info is needed if a business is going to use paypal totally


we've been using paypal for many years on sites with limited items, so we never had to a full blown shopping cart


but a new venture we're doing has a ton of items, so a shopping cart is the only way to inventory and make the pages


but the check out thing needs to be bypassed for our needs


due to ebay, paypal is fully trusted for online shopping


I personally don't use any online seller now that doesn't offer paypal


if I personally went to a site and hit check out and they wanted my info, I'd back track and leave


let me select my items and have the cart migrate to a choice paypal or pay with credit card


when you say 'check out' it seems you have to enter info for the site to process the order and not pay via paypal


so I'd be interested in disabling that check out icon



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I have the same problem, I don't want people to put in any credit card number, I don't care if they make an account, just don't want their numbers, only want them to checkout via PayPal.......if there is no way to remove the forced "checkout" option, then this isn't going to work........I think some posters have not used paypay and don't realize there is an option there for CC, no need for me to have their card number, don't want it.....at least is there a way to remove the credit card stuff from the min. values??? Judging by the responses on this subject, I am betting NO..........lol

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By "all that info" do you mean their name and address? If so, how will ship your product without it?

No he means CC info! No need for it, it is all taken care of on the Paypal site!
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What osC version are you using? Is it 2.2 or 2.3? In 2.3 the "cc" module was removed because storeowners were actually using it to bill customers, when it was intended only as a programming example for those creating specific credit card payment gateways. Anyway, your site should never be asking for credit card numbers -- something is very wrong if it is. You have to be fully PCI-DSS compliant to have a customer type in a credit card number on your site, or you'll be in deep trouble.


There is other information needed to complete the transaction, of course, such as name, address, phone, email for shipping and fraud prevention. PayPal may compare this information with what they have on file for the account holder, to detect fraudulent use.

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I think I see what you are after - if PayPal Express is the only available payment module for a customer then force them to use it?


Here's a little bit of code that will do this for you - it will not prevent folks from manually going to any of the checkout pages and/or creating an account unless you disable that functionality e.g. by renaming the appropriate files in includes/filenames.php to something like index.php

If you have other payment modules installed and limited to zones then this will ignore that and force everybody to use PayPal Express (but if that's the only module you have then that's OK).


It's based on osC 2.3.3 and the standard paypal express module



open up the file /catalog/shopping_cart.php


Look for (about line 130 ish) :


<div class="buttonSet">
<span class="buttonAction"><?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CHECKOUT, 'triangle-1-e', tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING, '', 'SSL'), 'primary'); ?></span>


add above this:


<?php //BT May 2013 hide for only PP_EXP
// get an array of modules
$BT_modules = $payment_modules->selection();
//how big is it? Is it 1 and is it only PP_EXP?
if(sizeof($BT_modules)==1 && $BT_modules[0]['module']='paypal_express'){
//hide the button and the --OR-- text
echo '<style> .buttonSet .bt_pp_hide{display:none; }</style>';
//end of BT


A few lines later find:


<p align="right" style="clear: both; padding: 15px 50px 0 0;"><?php echo TEXT_ALTERNATIVE_CHECKOUT_METHODS; ?></p>


change to:

<p class="bt_pp_hide" align="right" style="clear: both; padding: 15px 50px 0 0;"><?php echo TEXT_ALTERNATIVE_CHECKOUT_METHODS; ?></p>

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